Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Empty Email Inbox

I receive dozens of emails a day. My email inbox typically says something like "showing 32 emails." This is because I repeatedly purge my inbox of emails on a regular basis.

Here's how I clean out my inbox

  • I delete pointless emails.
  • I archive emails that have even the scintilla of possible future use under any circumstances. (I can always search for words that might have appeared in the email later).
  • I act on emails if they fall within the two minute rule and then delete or archive them.
  • If something is going to take more than two minutes but needs to be dealt with on any time frame (by tomorrow, by the end of the week, by the end of the year) I file that email under the folder _FOLLOW UP.
  • If the email is interesting but I don't know when I'd address it (example: the title of an interesting book), I file it under _HOLD.
  • If there's nothing I can do with the email and I'm just waiting on someone else to do something, I file it under _WAITING ON.
  • If the email is associated with a specific broad project I will file it under that project. For example, all Marketing related emails are filed under "Marketing".

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